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Thursday, November 6, 2014

my garden arch inspiration finished..

About a year ago I did a post on "garden arch inspiration'  here ... as I wanted to establish an arch with climbing roses with a seat in the middle. Well I can say it is finally finished!  The roses on the arch still need a bit of climbing to do, especially on one side.. but that will eventually happen (I hope!)

I placed it right along the fence line so everything behind it is in my neighbors yard. I ended up painting the bench today to brighten it up a bit. It still has yet to weather which shouldn't take long in the Aussie sun! 

I planted Iris in the back, that have already bloomed and gone. 

                                                 Miniature roses in the pots have yet to bloom.

This view is from the other side of the arch that is divided by a hedge.

This rose (lavender lassie) is actually planted on the other side of this tree. It's found it's way up the branches and looks ever so lovely against the tiny white blooms that are just dripping off this tree. They look like dainty snowflakes as they fall on the ground and on the bench below.

Once the tree finishes flowering I will trim it back to let the rose on that side have a chance to grow up. On either side I have lavender that I had to cut back by half this morning and under planted is a ground cover with the prettiest pink flowers. 

The roses can be seen from other areas in my garden which make it even more beautiful.
 Bye for now girls... take care, Maryann

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