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Friday, March 30, 2012

chop chop...

Hi girls, last week end all we did was chop chop and chop.  Trees that is. Living on acres and always being so busy we sort of become oblivious to the trees around the house. Ofcourse they are growing silently but surely... and then one day you wake up and say.." how did that tree become so big?!!!"

this tree was touching the power lines and it was massive, Fred had already cut most of it down here.

he tied up the ladder to the ute so he could get higher! CRAZY!!

It was a massive job cleaning up but here it is now so much more open with lots more light. A lot of my plants were damaged but I know it won't take them long to recuperate. Plus it's a good excuse to get some new ones!

we  are into Autumn here now and I have to say we have had more sunny days these last couple of weeks than we had throughout all of summer! I am loving it, so this morning I picked some roses to grace my little table on the verandah.

I'm not finished with the garden yet as I need to do some serious weeding and want to put in some more flowers for lots more colour. I am tootlly in the mood for some garden centre therapy today so I think I'll leave it here. Have a great week ladies, take care, Maryann


Elizabeth and Gary said...

Good Morning,
Your yard is like a park its so lush and beautiful! Your park bench is so full of charm and is so welcoming. I can just hear the birds singing while sitting on the bench taking in all the beauty of your landscape. When Gary and I moved into our house 2 years ago we had to do a massive tree removeal,many of the trees had fungus and had not been taken care of. I think the neighbors were really happy all the messy trees were gone.
Have a Happy Easter, hugs Elizabeth

Cindy The Victorian Journey said...

Your Angel looks lovely with her roses. I love the table on the porch with the perfect shade of green. I too love working out in the yard and creating little areas to be inspired in.
I am a new blogger so if you get a chance to come over to my blog I would enjoy your visit.


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