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Thursday, March 28, 2013

bulbs and roses...

Hi girls, sure has been a while since my last post. Well Autumn is here and we have been having some lovely hot summer days. Suppose it's making up for all the wet dreary weather we had in Summer!! Sheesh.. talk about confusing.

Anyhow,  apart from my sewing which I will update you in another post, my mind has really been on my garden. I am soo loving it right now. Sometimes when I'm weeding or planting I get glimpses of my garden from different angles and think 'yes, it's coming along nicely' or 'that would make a pretty picture' ....

So instead of thinking about winter, I am already thinking of next spring (which is like 6 months away) and for some reason it had never dawned on me till the other day that in the 11 years I have lived here, I had never planted any bulbs. How can that be? I already have some daffodils and jonquills  (paper whites) planted from the previous owner, but never thought of adding more.

So I soon changed that. I went online and purchased an array of colours of all different bulbs.

I also have a thing going on at the moment for old fashioned roses ..which I absolutely love. I already have a few but nowhere near enough. Eventually I want to have roses everywhere in all shapes and sizes...

it will be hard to pick from all of these ...

I am also obsessed with this new gardening show (well new to me as they are only showing it now in Australia) from the UK called 'gardeners' world' and would have to be one of the best gardening shows I've watched.
Well Easter is only a few days away. Tomorrow I will be making "figolli" which is a traditional Maltese biscuit, something like a massive cookie in the shape of a rabbit or fish or something else, with a vanilla biscuit and almond filling, then decorated with icing.  If they turn out nice enough I  might even show you.

 So, wishing you all a happy Easter, take care, Maryann

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Connie said...

I just found your blog while surfing google reader and must say I loooove your home! Oh, sugar, how cute it is. Just shabby and chic and froufrou-y. My kind of home.


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