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Monday, December 13, 2010

front garden rockery..

Today I thought I'd show you what we are up to in the front garden. If you've been following you'd know that due to our extension we've had to dig into the land, leaving us with one big muddy mess at the front.

I had taken inspiration from these photos for a retaining wall with sandstone done in tiers. We have so much sandstone on our property it was the obvious way to go.

and since then it has gone from this, in my last post..

to this......this is the front corner..

We used block pavers for stepping stones and a crushed concrete/brick mix for the base. We had intended to pave that entire section around the house but after we did the stairs we decided bugger that to scrap that idea!! Besides I love the look and the sound the gravel makes when you walk on it. Reminds me of a show I love to watch called 'escape to the country' which is an english show where they view country cottages and they ALL have crushed gravel or pebbles.

this is from the back looking to front..

Lisa suggested we add more stepping stones on the grass from our round about where we drive in to encourage people to use the front door.. we are so used to using the back door!

We also made some stairs using the pavers we already have and also made a row of them right across the front and down the sides. These were all cemented in and act as a border between the grass and garden and most importantly will catch the water when it rains to take it away from the house and down the sides..

but as you can see we have only finished half the project..bugger.. the rest will have to wait until after Christmas now..

but hey, I'm not complaining.. I need a rest from all the back breaking, heart aching, finger nail scraping, sun scorching, mud squishing, digging, shoveling and cementing. I had to wash every paver and rock as since they are just lying down the back of our property they were full of mud so that had to come off first if they are to stick to the cement properly.  

I have to say though I'm very happy with it and wish I had a better camera and a degree in photography to show you how pretty it's looking.  Ofcourse you can hardly see the plants  as they are only little, but on the top level, which is what will show from the road, I went for alternating yellow and white carpet ground cover roses with a munstead lavender in blue in between.

For the lower tier a mixure of cottagy plants in all different colours. I can't wait till they grow and start to flower. Here's a couple of pics of my garden at the moment. Wish they were better quality as every time I try to take pics of my garden they always come out wishy washy. I can't tell you how many photos I've taken over time that I never end up using.  Any tips would be appreciated!

Ok, I'm off to give one more coat of paint to the trim around my lounge room windows. I am getting some blinds installed tomorrow morning to the windows in the front, which is my new lounge and bedroom. Even though my whole house has venetians I have opted for simple roller blinds as in all honesty I am over cleaning venetians, no matter how much I like the look of them!  Eventually I will change the whole house to roller blinds as they give such a light and airy feel to a room and bring the outside in.
Will show more pics soon.. take care, Maryann


Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

it is looking wonderful! funny seeing your beautiful weather when it is snowing here.

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Marion,
Ohh, I lurve your ideas and how the garden and paths are coming along.
How lucky are you having sandstone on your land!!!!!
Yep, I'm all for holland blinds~less cleaning more time to paint and sew. lol
Merry Christmas,

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Wow Maryann, A Lot of labor going into your yard and it's looking fantastic! I know everything takes time, and when your plants mature... with everything else going on.... I can see it's going to be spectacular. I get so excited when it comes to landscaping.... unfortunately I can't do much since I'm renting, but where I used to live it was an on going thing planting and making it beautiful.



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