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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lisa's yr 12 formal..

Lisa had her Yr 12 graduation and formal just a couple of weeks ago.. My how time has flown. She has grown up so much..
She was so excited preparing for her formal.. what dress to pick, jewellery and shoes.. especially shoes, she definately has a thing for them!  I have to say, she looked beautiful, not that I'm biased or anything ya know.
These pics were taken at a local park..
She wanted a picture of the back of her dress so I made them do a 'pose'

and here's Ryan and James. Ryan will be turning 21 on the 20th, just a few more days. He'll be having some mates and cousins over so I will be a little busy with that too!

She's just applied to TAFE to do a Children's Services course, that is she wants work in a preschool or daycare centre. She tried it for work placement at school once and she loved it. I can really see her in that line of work. She has such a lovely temperament with little children. She hopes to then, later on, go to uni and become a primary school teacher. Looking at my children now, I think where have the years gone? They grow up so quickly these days. They really are my pride and joy.. take care, Maryann


Denise@alloverroses said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! She looks so beautiful for her formal! Love her hair and her dress is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing. Congratulations to your sweet daughter. I wish her much success.

Lounging with a Latte said...

She looks beautiful. The formal is such an exciting time, especially for the girls! I have 2 boys and they were more interested in what car they would be arriving in! We live in a country town, so it's a big affair with them all arriving and being introduced as they embark from their vehicle and do a walk on the catwalk.

Carol said...

Your daughter is beautiful, and her hair is gorgeous!

The Pink Poodle said...

Hi maryann....she is definately ONE lovely gorgeous looking young lady!!

Yep you got that right...time flies!!!!

xx andrea

Lucinda Obrien said...

Wow....Lisa is gorgeous! You must be so proud! Hope all her dreams come true :)
Lucinda x


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