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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Latest lamp & a gift in the mail!

Have been working on this and finally finished it! Yay! It's now on ebay. Hopefully this will be the first of a few lamps where I will be using ~linen and lace~ instead of the normal floral fabrics. Ofcourse I will continue to make my shabby roses lamps as they will always be my favorite but it's nice to make something different.

I thought I would keep it simple and let the frilly flounces take centre stage. It has a double frill, one in linen and the top frill in vintage lace. Hopefully it won't take me as long to list other ~linen and lace~ lamps and also matching cushions!

Well a while ago I met up with some gorgeous bloggy ladies at Lucinda's shop in Mittagong where I met Kirstie from Adeline's Country Cottage and just before I was leaving I wanted to get there websites down so I took out an old vintage note book, that had a cover made from old cards with pretty flowers on it. Well Kirstie was immediately drawn to it and I couldn't believe how much she loved it. So I gave it to her. No biggie really, she obviously appreciated it more than what I ever did.
Well, guess what I got in the mail yesterday..
Oh my! how gorgeous is the wrapping! A part of me didn't want to open it as it was too pretty as it was and the other part of me couldn't wait. This is what I found..

Wow Kirstie, what can I say they are all sooo beeeautiful and you are so so talented, I love them all! They are too pretty to use as gift tags, I think they will go on my Xmas tree this year or I might just attached them here and there around my house, they are just too cute! Thanks so much Kirstie ( you naughty girl!) I believe Kirstie is now making these to sell on her website so go on over and have a look!  Have a lovely day everyone, take care, Maryann


Annette said...

I just discovered your blog and love your designs. The lamp is beautiful. I must check out your items on ebay later!

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

The new shade is fabulous!

Olivia~ said...

Hello! It is so nice to find your blog! Your lamp is simply divine! Hope you have a chance to stop by and say hi!

Gail McCormack said...

Hi Maryanne

I love the lamp, love the simplicity of it, very Elegant!

Isn't Kirstie clever, they are gorgeous, perfect idea using them as Christmas decorations.

Have a good day, Gail

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Your very welcome I know you say I'm naughty but for sending them, but your little note book was worth more to me....I was such alittle girl about it holding up to my face like I was hugging it for the rest of our little holiday Mandii kept saying, put it away it's just a little, it was the best little it dearly and it's still in my bag so I can see it every day...and it reminds me of or trip to Sydney and mostly of you and how we meet I collect alot of that sort of thing, just love them.....once again thank you with all my heart.

Hugs and xxx

Ps....feeling your lamp, funny about that Mandii made up one very similar about 5-6 mths ago and went to sell it on line but it never got there as I snapped it up very and now it sits on my bedside table.

Caroline said...

Your lamp is gorgeous and the pillows in your header are to die for!!

Lucinda Obrien said...

That lamp is to die for!!!!You are so clever.....cant wait to see your other creations.What a lovely gesture from Kirstie...those tags are gorgeous!Take care Maryann

tina, theoldfrenchdoors... said...

Hi maryanne, Thank you for popping by and leaving a lovely comment. I love the lamp. I just made a huge lamp shade in white with a frill just recently i love white to and like you im still drawn to florals but it is nice for a change. I love the tags and that wrapping paper I love love love it so pretty.

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Aww, that was SO nice of Kristie.... the tags are adorable. I can see why you wouldn't want to part with them.

OMGosh Maryann, the lamp is incredible, I LOVE it!! The lampshade really makes it a Wow factor. How much would it cost to send that out to where I live in the US ? Michigan 48455 Just wondering-- I love the things you make, I wish you were my neighbor. hehe


Natasha Burns said...

Your lamp is stunning!!!
Kirstie is so talented isn't she? love the tags! I heard about your little thing you gave her, she was so excited telling the story too, so nice of you to give that to her

Teh Wei Li said...

I have just discovered your blog.
And I love it to bits! Esp the lamp.
And it is a good thing I don't live anywhere near USA. Otherwise I would be spending lots of money being your regular customer :)


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