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Monday, August 2, 2010

Life isn't always sweet..

I have always considered myself a pretty friendly person. Easy to get along with, always giving people the benefit of the doubt. I have always thought myself to be a pretty patient person too trying to avoid unnessesary conflict.
But now I find myself in a situation where my happiness and sanity rests in the hands of one person.  I wasn't going to do this post, this is my problem, but if I don't let it out I may explode and do something silly I may regret.

As you all know I live on 5 acres and the one most absolute thing I love about living here is the peace and serenity. Waking up to the sound of sweet chirpy birds. Being outside in the garden with no-one but me and my thoughts.

Well a couple of years ago a new neighbour moved in. I tried to say hello the first time I saw her but I knew after a minute that she was the stand offish type. Ok then, that's fine. I can respect that.

She and her family moved in with a couple of dogs.  Now, just let me paint a picture for you. My house is set far back from the road. Her's isn't. So alot of her backyard is in alignment with my front yard. So? you may be saying. So in the couple of years she has lived her she has now 10-12 dogs, plus around 8 cats a couple of which come to eat at my place as they are always hungry. Yes, I admit I feed them. I feel sorry for them. So all her animals are basically to the side of my front yard.

So now instead of hearing chirpy birds in the morning all I can hear are her more often than not barking, high pitched dogs along with a very antogonising howl from a greyhound she has aswell. I have tried talking to her. She just slammed the door in my face. I have put in a written complaint to council. They have spoken with her but nothing much has changed.

I have been woken up at unGodly hours in the morning, forget about sleep ins on the weekend. I have tried ringing her but she now has an answering machine so she doesn't have to talk to me. So cut a long story short, my sanity, my happiness are in this woman's hands. I could think of a few words to call her right now but I won't. Sometimes I can't believe I am turning into (she has turned me into) a very bitter, angry person.

I know I shouldn't be putting this on my blog. But I have too, I just have to for my sanity's sake. I don't know what to do. Should I move? I have put so much blood, sweat and tears into this place. Why the hell should I? Yesterday I found myself looking at property on the net, 100 acres.. where my neighbours can do what they want. Have any of you ever been in a situation like this? I have never had problems with neighbours, not even when I lived on a normal block. I have been pretty lucky I suppose, up till now. So the saga continues and only time will tell what's to happen.....
 ok, back to my sewing to get my mind off it and cheer me up.. take care, Maryann     oh ps. I just purchased Julia Child's cook books and can't wait to get them to try out her recipes!!


Inspired by you said...

She must be a very lonely person to have that many animals. I hope you can find some kind of peace while working on a resolution to the problem. Hang in there!

Lucinda Obrien said...

Ohhh...Maryanne...I am so sorry for you.What a horrible situation!It is just not fair that one person can cause so much heartache and frustration.Why do people have to be so unreasonable?You should'nt have to move...but I can definitely understand why you would want to.I hope that you feel a little better by getting it off your chest and I hope that the situation gets sorted sooner rather than later.And know that all your blogging buddies are here for you anytime!
Take care

Gail McCormack said...

Not Nice!!

Have been in similar situations before, but not quite as bad as your's

I do so hope it will work out

Thinking of you...fingers crossed
Gail xxx

Gail McCormack said...

Not Nice!!

Have been in similar situations before, but not quite as bad as your's

I do so hope it will work out

Thinking of you...fingers crossed
Gail xxx

My Cottage Charm said...

Oh dear..I'm so sorry. You must be beside yourself with grief over this whole thing.
You need to go to the city and tell them about it again. Keep going until something is shouldn't have to move from your home. I wonder what made her so bitter. Our pastor preached a sermon yesterday on underlying circumstances that we don't understand or know about. Makes you wonder if she was abused or something, to need that many dogs to love her. Anyway, I do feel so bad for you...I can't imagine having that many animals living next to me. I will pray that your situation gets better, but seriously, go back to the city again...they have to be able to do something. I'm sure there's some kind of sound ordinance.
Love ya girlie, and hope it gets fixed!

Anna Rosa Designs said...

Hi Maryann,
oh dear, I can understand you blogging about it. It's your blogspot and you can write whatever you want!
This lady needs a kick in her touche.
I would pester the local council until something is done about it.
You will end up stir crazy otherwise.
Does anyone live with her that you could talk with?
If she won't answer the door or her telephone, how about a letter?
Good luck with sorting her out!
PS: maybe you should throw a couple of wild parties.

The Pink Poodle said...

Dear Maryann...
I can totally empathise with you (even though never experienced same)..
Even just one dog barking all day would drive me NUTS..
LET alone this BULK lot you have to deal with..

firstly...I would NOT be feeding her stop feeling sorry for them..

& i would totally persist with the council...CAN she keep so many animals??
PLUS disturbing your peace..??
(you pay rates etc..BUT this is becoming a disturbance to you.)..
LAST resort would be a solicitor's letter...(as an ex lawyer this can DO wonders!!)..~~

I found myself getting very angry with this woman....YES..she may be lonely...& has animals.I understand ALL of that..
BUT SHE STILL HAS TO ACCEPT the AMENITY of her neighbours...which she is obviously ignoring...

I can tell you Maryann...I WOULD NOT REST...letting her get away with this outrageous behaviour...
YOU should NOT have to leave YOUR home..your sanctuary..

SHE IS AT FAULT...& needs to be HELD accountable..
either by the council Or may have to bite the legal bullet..

GGGRR...i am grumpy about this..inconsiderate neighbours....
ITS NOT ON@!~~~~~~~~

xxx andrea....

Alicia ~ time worn style said...

Well i was going to give some advice but Andrea has pretty well covered what I was going to say. Very wise advice and although it will not be very pleasant to persue it will be worth it in the long run. Our property is pretty private, we are lucky, but our neighbours across the road are currently thrashing it out in the supreme court over driveway access. Its all been quite a drama but we made it very clear at the start that we were staying out of it. I am surprised that the council allows someone to keep that many animals on their property, I would have thought they would need a permit for it. I know what you mean about probably not venting on your blog (there is a lot I would like to vent about on mine but I know I have several people I dont much like reading it so I dont put too much private stuff on there.) Boy this is the longest comment I have written for a while, hope it makes sense and keep smiling hun!

Madam Casper said...

how about the situation now? hope everything doing well


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