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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Flooring dilemma...

If you have been following my blog you will probably know that we recently added on a small extension to our home. It sits at the front of the house and is made up of a hallway in the middle( with front door) which now takes you into the already existing home. A 'formal' lounge sits on one side of the hall and a bedroom on the other. Just 3 rooms. I have been searching for timber flooring to match the rest of my house but as 'bad luck' would have it they no longer make it and to my disbelief can't find anything that matches. So I have hit a bump in the road and come to a standstill. Now I do have enough timber left over from before to do the hallway so my biggest dilemma is.. do I use another timber.. or go for carpet like hubby suggested. I really don't want carpet as I've been there done that and with kids and living on acres I know I will regret it later.

The other problem is that I already have another type of timber in the kid's bedrooms so this would make it a third type of timber in the house.  Admittedly the new timber will be in the lounge on top of which I would have a big rug anyway, and in my bedroom, so a lot of the furniture would cover the floor .. so I would love to ask you, if you have the time, what would you do?????? as this is driving me totally nuts!!

I cannot wait till the floor is done as I'm aiming to have my home finished inside by Christmas. I have been purchasing some pieces though along the way,  to put in lounge room.

I'm pretty sure you know which way I am going with this.

I have had these oil paintings of Paris for about 15 years now. Someone came knocking on my door at night selling his paintings and I really liked these. I like the one with the Eiffel Tower in the background the most but of course being a Libran I had to buy another one matching to have a pair. I've had these in storage for the last 10 years now. I'm so glad I kept them but I will be changing the frames though to more vintage ones.

Please excuse the junk in the background, at the moment my lounge room is one big mess! See the floor still waiting to be done.

 OK better go as I have dye in my hair and it's been in there for way longer than what it should be... God forbid someone should knock on my door... which did happen once.. oh... the... embarrassment..!!
take care.. Maryann

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Antique Rose Designs said...

Hi Maryann I feel for you I know how you feel been there done that and still going. If it was me I would just say change the whole house but that would cost a fortune so the next option would be use what you have for the hallway and can you match what you have in the bedrooms for the rest of the house. I'm not big on carpet either I prefer the floor boards. Good luck with your decision. Take care Carol


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