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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

food for thought... food for life..

Hi Ladies, today I thought I'd write about something I am becoming very passionate about other than my sewing.
I actually wrote this post a few weeks ago but didn't publish it in fear of being thought weird. Why I am even compelled to put it on my blog baffles me. But a part of me says that if it makes a difference to just one person then it's worth it.  Perhaps it's the teacher, the preacher, the nagger in me (as my kids put it).

Lately I have been very interested in food.. I mean healthy food. A few family members and friends have been having health issues and I have been asking myself alot, why do some people get sick and some people don't. Why did my best friend die at age 42 with breast cancer and some people live to the age of 100? There are lots of tv shows out there that talk about food, lots of information on the health benefits of all different types of food.  So many different diets. So much so that sometimes I find it very confusing.

 What SHOULD we be eating and what SHOULDN'T we be eating....does anyone know the right answer???

..and that's when it hit me like a brick,  .. to go ask the CREATOR HIMSELF.
Now ..I'm not a churchy person, but I do believe in God. I know bits and pieces from the Bible and I wasn't sure where to start looking.. so I went to my computer and googled  'food we can eat according to the Bible'  after all he is our Creator, and left us with a complete guide on how we should live. I was amazed at all the information that came up and I did find which passages to look up.. Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy  14.  So I went directly to the source and was amazed and SHOCKED to learn of all the things I am eating that I shouldn't.

Now I am not going to go into all the details but if you go into this website HERE or HERE I found it very helpful or just go straight to your Bible if you have one.
But I will tell you a few things that according to God we should not be eating, things that are 'unclean', things that are eaten very frequently and are very popular.

PORK.. including bacon and ham, which is of course pork. I have never been a great fan of pork but I have of bacon and ham.  I rarely buy these 2 items now, nor pork sausages or anything pork derived.
SHELLFISH, CRUSTACEANS etc. This is where I was shocked, I LOVE  seafood and my favourite thing to order when dining out was a seafood platter. I no longer buy or eat prawns, crab, mussels oysters, actually the only thing we are meant to eat from the sea are fish, that have both fins and scales. All the rest are 'unclean' as stated in the Bible, or unhealthy in the long run.

You may be saying.. but I only have prawns once in a while.. that may be true, but you may also be having ham sandwiches for work, bacon and eggs on the weekend, seafood marinara or pork for dinner... so in reality you may be having more than you think!

Now I am sure there are a number of factors as to why we get sick, but this may be one piece of the puzzle.. one VERY IMPORTANT piece that we are not taking into account. Just the other day they said on the news that artificial food colour (especially 102,110,120) and flavours could be linked to it any wonder?  There is so much CRAP added these days to the foods we eat, even to the ones that we think are healthy, its not funny.

 The other day I squeezed some oranges from my own tree. I gave some to my daughter and she said.. is this what real orange juice tastes like? I just stared at her for a moment for she totally shocked me....have we become so accustomed to the 'ready made' foods that we are forgetting what real food supposed to taste like? I think we just need to go back to basics, to natural, fresh, organic (if you can afford to) food that doesn't have to be a great concoction of loads of  ingredients, BUT ALSO follow a few simple guide lines as given to us by our Creator.

This post is about what I believe and I don't expect you to agree.  I also believe that a lot of people don't know about the foods that they shouldn't be eating.  Last Saturday I went out to dinner. Looking at the menu, that seafood pizza was a real temptation, but in the end I ordered atlantic salmon. Still just as yummy and I'm sure my body is all the better for it. It's not easy breaking bad habits or changing what we eat, it will always be a work in progress, but I'm hoping, eventually, I will get there..
 as always, take care, Maryann


Sonia ~ Vintage Rose Designs said...

What a very interesting post marianne. I do agree with you though 100%. We eat too much processed foods we forget what the real thing tastes like. Living in Malta I grew up with organic beacause its in abundance and also cheaper but when I moved to the US it didnt take me very long to get spoiled.
And yes, I have gained weight too that I am now trying hard to shed since I realised how I let myself go. Anyway, hope you are doing well. Come over on my blog and read about my new venture and let me know what you think... Hugs dear friend!!

Anonymous said...

The majority of Atlantic salmon is farmed in overcrowded, polluted waters that overflow and destroy valuable farmlands. They're fed pellets filled with dyes to give it its unnatural pink color. You can't depend on the bible to dictate what you eat because the huge food conglomerates have gotten in God's way and put their profits ahead of their salvation.

mariondee-designs said...

I thought I might hit a nerve with this post, but that's ok, I'm a big girl. In answer to anonymous, you're probably right I'm not sure, but I am merely saying that not everything put on this earth was meant for us to eat as is clearly stated in the Bible. Yes, I agree the food conglomerates have put their profits ahead of their salvation, and they will have to answer for that when the day comes. The same way they give steroids to chicken to make them grow faster! That is why I said there is so much hidden crap in food these days that even when we think they are healthy they are not. That is man's doing, not God's. Perhaps we should look closer where are food is coming from before we put it in our mouths. I totally respect your opinion, as I said this post is what I believe. I do not mean to offend anyone, after all it is your God given choice to believe what you want... Maryann

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